About CanLife

Cannabis not only impresses with its cannabinoids, but also with its aromatic smell. We extracted the terpenes that are responsible for this from the hemp plant using a special process and combined them in our hemp lemonade "Lemon Kush" and our "Kush Kola" to create these unique new beverage variations.
We all know terpenes as the main constituent of essential oils and, comparable to aromatherapy, they also develop their effects in our CanLife beverages. Just as the scent of lavender has a relaxing effect and caresses our senses, so do our cannabis terpenes, which we have brought in modernly designed cans as a very special taste experience!
CanLife is therefore a trendy “feel good” drink that not only has a mood-enhancing, stress- and anxiety-relieving effect, but also tastes very good and is not only convincing on its own, but also any long drink or cocktail with gin, vodka, rum, whiskey or makes tequila sizzle!

EAN Surname ID
4260624360003 Lemon Kush 1 1.50
4260624360041 Kush Kola 2 1.50
4260624360068 Purple Haze 3 2.50

Rappers and their food brands: These are the startups from arrest warrant, Capital Bra and Co

Three well-known German rappers sell their own iced tea in the supermarket and make millions in sales. Two startups also benefit from this. [...] Behind this is the startup Canlife. Since 2018 it has specialized in so-called cannabis lifestyle drinks....

jul. 2023

PLACE 1 - Best German rap drink

The next iced tea, the next cheesy pun. Since September 2021, Baba HafTea has also been available on supermarket shelves, which does not really comply with the usual winter apr. 2023

With CanLife Drinks Suitable for summer: arrest warrant launches Baba HafTea Peach OG iced tea with hemp flavor

Rapper icon arrest warrant presents his new product just in time for summer and the festival season: Baba HafTea Peach OG iced tea.

The canned cannabis iced tea comes with black tea, natural peach, mint and hemp flavor. HafTea...

jul. 2022


The voting showed that no other album was as celebrated this year as “The Black Album” by @haftORD . “DSA” wins the Hiphop.de Awards in the “Best Album” category 2021. 👏👏

feb. 2022

Arrest warrant: “HafTea was voted the best iced tea of ​​the year”

“Thank you for number one” : With these words arrest warrant addressed his fans via Instagram almost a week ago. With his iced tea “ HafTea ”, which was released last year and was created in collaboration with CanLife ,...

jan. 2022

memo.rapcheck: #HAFTBEFEHL wins with his iced tea!

The best drinks were chosen and #HAFTBEFEHL wins with its iced tea! Because first place goes to the Offenbach rapper. Followed by #SHIRINDAVID and #CAPITALBRA - They take 2nd and 3rd place. The “Beverages Award” is...

jan. 2022

about-drinks Beverages Award 2021: These brands won

Who are the successful brands of 2021 in the German beverage market? Readers of about-drinks, the information platform for the beverage market, have been able to answer this question in the past few weeks. They vote in 27 categories and...

jan. 2022

Arrest warrant brings out iced tea – “HafTea” has a very special taste

The rapper arrest warrant from Offenbach is now in the “Iced Tea Game” - after Capital Bra and Shirin David release their drinks, he announces “HafTea” with a very special touch. Offenbach - drinks instead of music. That's apparently the...

aug. 2021


Yep, after Capital Bra and Shirin David is now getting his own iced tea. Anyone who is self-respecting in the music business these days simply brings their own drink onto the market - ideally their own iced tea. No...

aug. 2021

Canlife and rapper arrest warrant release iced tea

In collaboration with the beverage manufacturer Canlife, the Offenbach rapper arrest warrant is releasing his own iced tea called “Baba HafTea”. The musician and the beverage manufacturer announced this on Instagram.

aug. 2021

Cooperation with Canlife Drinks ¬- Rapper arrest warrant releases cannabis iced tea

Capital Bra, Shirin David, Reezy, Azet and Zuna, Bonez MC, Raf Camora: the list of rappers with their own drink brands is long. In addition to alcohol, music artists are particularly fond of the iced tea segment. Now the...

aug. 2021

Baba HafTea: Arrest warrant iced tea will be available to buy soon

The hype surrounding the iced tea creations of well-known musicians was fully ignited last year. And so it's somehow logical that other artists are now bringing their own drinks onto the market. That's why you can already look forward to...

aug. 2021

Arrest warrant brings out iced tea “HafTea” – with a special ingredient

Now rapper arrest warrant is also following suit: He is announcing his own iced tea “HafTea” with a very special ingredient. The rapper arrest warrant from Offenbach is now in the “Iced Tea Game” - after Capital Bra and Shirin...

aug. 2021

Iced tea instead of music: arrest warrant announces “Baba HafTea”.

After Capital Bra and Shirin David, the next German rapper now wants a piece of the iced tea cake. On Instagram, arrest warrant announced a drink called “Baba HafTea” in a promotional video.
While Shirin David only recently successfully...

aug. 2021

According to Capital Bra & Shirin David: Arrest warrant with iced tea HafTea

Capital Bra demonstrated this in German-speaking countries and sold its own iced tea at the beginning of 2020. Even before the BraTee was actually dropped, the rapper was able to sell over six million copies to various supermarkets and...

aug. 2021

Also arrest warrant with iced tea

CanLife founder Jason Ammon recently impressed the Drink Innovation Campus DICA with his innovative cannabis drinks and is currently supported by the DICA partners Franken-Brunnen, Bitburger Braugruppe and Ardagh Group. Ammon was now able to bag a spectacular cooperation for...

aug. 2021

What's with the iced teas and rappers?

More and more influencers are bringing their own products onto the market. The rapper Capital Bra triggered a rush on the vendors with his BraTee and the shelves were emptied within a very short time. More products are now...

aug. 2021

Baba HafTea from arrest warrant: This is how rappers conquer the drinks market

After Shirin David's "DirTea", Capital Bra's "BraTee", Azet and Zuna's "White Columbia" and Tyga's "Popwater", arrest warrant is now joining the rappers with drinks. He announced a drink called “Baba HafTea” on Instagram, a collaboration with the beverage manufacturer “Canlife...

aug. 2021

Baba Haftea” – Arrest Warrant competes with Shirin David and Capital Bra

[...] Now the next German rapper is entering the iced tea business with an arrest warrant. As he announced via Instagram, he will soon be bringing his “HafTea” onto the market. An exact date is not yet known, but...

aug. 2021

Mr. Rap HafTea!

After BraTee, DirTea and now HafTea, it's time for German rap cocktails!
Welcome to the 16Bar

aug. 2021

Arrest warrant launches its own iced tea “HafTea”.

Arrest warrant’s first iced tea flavor could be called “Lemon OG.”
In the video of the contract signing (now streaming on Apple Music), arrest warrant can be seen, among other things, testing cans in different colors - which suggests...

aug. 2021

HafTea: arrest warrant brings its own iced tea onto the market

The company @canlife.drinks is bringing HafTea onto the market together with @haftORD . According to Hafti's Instagram caption, one of the first flavors will probably be called "Lemon OG." 🍋🥤

aug. 2021

After CAPI & SHIRIN - HAFTBEFEHL also releases its own drink!

More and more rappers are releasing their own drink. First #CAPITALBRA and then also #SHIRINDAVID - she was even able to sell 20 million cans. Now #HAFTBEFEHL also wants to introduce its drink. There is already a first commercial!

aug. 2021

Baba HafTea: arrest warrant launches its own soft drink with CanLife

Together with the beverage manufacturer “CanLife Drinks”, arrest warrant has created its own soft drink “Baba HafTea Lemon OG”. Arrest warrant explained to me that it was not an own brand, like BraTee, but was just a collaboration with “CanLife”.

aug. 2021

Arrest warrant opens up new line of business!

Together with the company CanLifeDrinks, arrest warrant is bringing its own iced tea “HafTea” onto the market. The first variety will be “Lemon OG”. It is currently not known exactly when the drink will hit the markets.

aug. 2021

Snipes launches its own soft drink with CanLife

Snipes goes among the bartenders: together with the start-up CanLife , the sneaker and streetwear chain is releasing the soft drink “Juicy Orange”. The “Drink to relax” comes onto the market with terpenes from the citrus and lavender plants...

jun. 2021

Snipes and CanLife Drinks launch soft drink

The drink will be showcased in the 312 Snipes stores in Europe. The soft drink is also available in selected food retail stores nationwide. The market launch is supported by an influencer campaign and sampling in the target group's...

jun. 2021

Snipes goes among the beverage companies

Snipes is treading new paths: The Cologne-based sneaker retailer, together with the start-up CanLife Drinks, is launching its own soft drink, which is intended to stand out from the competition thanks to its recipe. “Juicy Orange” is promoted through...

jun. 2021

Canlife lemonade to relax

The non-alcoholic drink is now available in more than 300 Snipes stores across Europe. The market launch is supported by a large-scale influencer campaign and sampling in the target group's environment. The non-alcoholic drink is now available in more...

jun. 2021

SNIPES and CanLife Drinks launch a new terpene drink

The globally operating sneaker and streetwear retailer SNIPES and the start-up CanLife Drinks have launched a completely new soft drink, “Juicy Orange”. The “Drink to Relax” comes with terpenes from the citrus and lavender plants and without artificial flavor enhancers...

jun. 2021

DICA with new innovation partners

Jason Ammon promises a new segment in cannabis drinks with his hemp soda under the Canlife brand. What's special: The drinks are refined with hemp terpenes and terpenes from other plants and are intended to capture the aromatic cannabis...

jun. 2021

Terpenes - Start-up wants to reinvent hemp drinks

The start-up Canlife from Rhens in Rhineland-Palatinate wants to revitalize the hemp drinks market. The company is currently expanding its so-called chill-out range to include the “Juice Orange” variety, a hemp drink with terpenes that is coming onto the...

mai. 2021

Canlife – lemonade with cannabis terpenes

In the Canlife hemp lemonades Lemon Kush and Kush Kola, the cannabis terpenes provide a special taste experience. We were able to talk to Canlife's managing director, Jason Ammon, about Canlife, the hemp lemonades, the terpenes and much more.

sep. 2020


In a short interview, we introduce you to exciting food and beauty founders from our Food Innovation Camp Alumni network. They answer the most important questions that concern founders in a nutshell. Today we're talking to Jason Ammon from...

apr. 2020

Start-up Sprint: Hemp for the brain and lifestyle

"CanLife is much more than just another lifestyle drink. Like music and sport, CanLife has the ability to bring different people together and unite them as a community in the CanLife revolution," says CEO Jason Ammon.

apr. 2019